Artistic Excellence Certificate

I have just received an announcement from the Spotlight Magazine Cover Contest
that I have been awarded another Artistic Excellence Award.

The judge’s comments were: Your artwork “Peek-a-boo” stood out to me.

Autumn Newsletter 2023

Well we had a taste of Autumn back in February with temperatures below 20 degrees and now it seems we’re back in summer weather again with temperatures in the mid to high 30’s this week! Is it any wonder my garden plants are confused! Summer was a busy time for me on a personal level, with family needing support. I am hoping Autumn will be a productive month with more time in my studio and entering art shows.

Yesterday I put up a small exhibition at St John of God hospital here in Bendigo, consisting of 8 artworks in a variety of mediums, so if you are in the Bendigo area and have the time, do pop in and take a look.

I have been enjoying spending time in the Bendigo Botanical Gardens, capturing images of the native birds and the many grand and beautiful trees that shade the well-manicured grounds. Autumn in Bendigo is amazing and well worth a visit.  The city is adorned with autumn trees and together with the heritage buildings make for a stunning display. A drive down “Pall Mall” is a must when the trees are in full colour.  A ride on the historic “talking tram” will allow you to take in even more of the colours of Autumn.  I do hope you have the chance to get out and about in your area and appreciate the magnificent shades of Autumn!

Bye for now,

Ellen Lee

Artistic Excellence Certificate

I was so pleased to have received another award from the Circle Quarterly Art Review Magazine for the month of February, 2023 for my painting titled “Inquisitive Rainbow Lorikeet Bendigo Botanic gardens”

The judge’s comments
This artwork really stood out to me and you have been selected for an Artistic Excellence Award and for this, we have prepared for you a unique, named and signed Artistic Excellence Certificate.

Summer Newsletter 2023

Well summer has really kicked in here in central Victoria! Consecutive days in the mid to high thirties, it makes me appreciate even more those balmy Autumn days and cool evenings. I console myself with the thought that Autumn isn’t far away. It could be that fact that I am a little older than I used to be that I struggle with the heat nowadays.

2022 was a year of exceptional emotional upheaval, a year of change and adjustment, due to the passing of my beloved husband of 36 years. He was the captain of my “support” crew. I know for sure that he wanted me to continue to pursue my art and share it with others. That in itself gives me the strength to press on!  Plus the love and support of my wonderful family and friends.

One other major change came at the end of 2022 when I made the decision to close my gallery here at my home and take my gallery and all things “ART” online.  This gives me more flexibility to spend my time in the studio creating.

Recent outings to our local Botanical Gardens have provided inspiration and a wealth of material for new artworks. I have new projects that I am hoping to complete this year and will be sharing these in future newsletters. We have not seen much rain recently but had the comforting sound of it on the roof last evening, the smell of fresh rain also brings me comfort.

I would like to wish you all a wonderful 2023, I hope it brings you joy, happiness and good health. Blessings,

Ellen Lee





I’m now able to offer quality Giclee Limited Edition Prints for my painting titled “Kookaburra Family Murray River”

Prints are available in the following sizes;

A3 (30cm x 42cm approx.) $150
A2 (42cm x 60cm approx.) $300

I will very soon be able to offer high quality prints on many of my other original artworks.